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Wedding Ceremony Album  (updated on 09/24/2002)

This album is going to be updated as soon as we get new photos. For the photos here, we would like to thank Dimitris Samaras. We would also like to acknowledge Costas Zervos for a few photos and his nice wedding wish-poem.

Reception Photos from the Disposable cameras at walmart.com

A nicer arrangement will be uploaded here soon. For now, you could just check out the Raw material... Roll-1, Roll-2, Roll-3, Roll-4, Roll-5, Roll-6, Roll-7, Roll-8, Roll-9, Roll-10.
If by any chance you happened to take a little camera with you, then please please contact us to give us a copy of the photos, so that we could upload them here and share with everybody.

Cyprus Vacation, Summer 2001- Set 1

Outside Chirokitia Paleolithic Site  Climbing up to the actual site, in August heat !  Illustrating Unesco Declaration for World Heritage  Ody and Rita at Chirokitia     
Outside Lefkaritika Shop  With Rita, ouside giagias garden in Lefkara Village  Typical Lefkara Road  Waling towards giagias house
Giagia Making lefkaritika in her garden  Pappous Panagiotis, displaying his collections  Ody at Family dinner (had lots of those!)  Fytos-Giagia Panagiota-Ody-Giagia Georgia
Fytos Chillin at Pervolia  Outside Pahit Ice stand in Pervolia  Inside Sancta Napa Lobby  Agia Napa Municipal garden
Next to ancient tree of Agia Napa  Beach View from Sancta Napa room  Oooops. We drive on the wrong side here!  The famous PAJERO jeep...
London Telephone booths  Checking Email at Heathrow airport  London, the Teddy Bear Company  Outside Campanario Garden - Larnaca


Cyprus Vacation, Summer 2001- Set 2 

Kiti Elementary School  Cousin George's Coffee Shop  Angeloktisti Church  Panickos - Ody - Fytos (The children)     
Rita - Fytos - Ody - Tia Anna  Ody - giagiades and Pappou (little Zafiri in the background)  Mazoto Camel Park - Bar  Cyprus Night - Our friend George (Glass Dance Champion)
Mazoto Bar  Arabian Night at Mazoto  Belly Dancing at Mazoto - Cyprus Night  Ody outide Arabian Tent
Danciing Syrto at Mazoto Cyprus Night  Mazoto Park near Stamnes (Tinajas)  Playing with little Aphrodite at the Park  Ody at the Odeon Lighthouse
Petra tou Romiou  Aphrodity's Bath - Drinking the love potion  Inside Aphrodity's Bath    
Paphos Limanaki - Christina and the Neophytou Family  Odeon amphitheatre  Dionissos House 



Flamengo Perfomance at Latin Black Party  Ariel -- Ody's nefiew  Ramona (Ody's mom) with Ariel Showing la Barrigita de Papa  Ariel and Grandma
Monkey see, monkey do...  Ariel Kissing Tio Eddy  Ody at Moms salon  Fytos after Cutting 11 inches
Jose chillin'  Odys nieces Franchely - Kimberly - Grace Denise  Joselito - Dolores and the girls  Thanks Giving 2001
Our first Snowman - Da Frostyyy  Just finished making Frosty  Cafes tou Laikou at Zenon (Ody, Mami and Papi)  Kafes Laikou - Fytos and the suegros
Ody's favourite "Video game"  At the Gala, showing off  Forever yours... (That is Fyto's !!!)  Practise Makes Perfect
Cheers!  New Years Eve Dinner  New Years eve 2001  Outside Angeliki and Bryan's Wedding Yacht 


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